Fenway Farms


The Fenway team has been fortunate to travel to the Netherlands for the KFPS Hengstenkeuring (Stallion Show) for a number of years. While the young prospects strut their stuff, it is the existing Approved Stallions that have won our hearts. It is fun to see a stallion in action and then once again see his movement, conformation or personality in his offspring at a show or keuring. In the seven years we have attended, one of the crowd favorites was Jasper 366 Sport and we were not immune to his appeal.

As Jamie advanced in dressage she came to admire the talent of the Jasper sons and daughters and dreamed to one day compete with her very own Jasper offspring. In 2013 while visiting the Netherlands we had the pleasure of meeting Peter Spahn. What better Jasper authority than his rider for many years! A good friend of the Wijma family (owner of Jasper), Peter was able to connect us with one of their beautiful Jasper mares, Wolkje fan Panhuys.

Wolkje is Jasper x Wobke and was Reserve Champion at the 2011 Central Keuring in the 4-6 Year Old Category. She earned the title of Kroon mare in April 2013. While attending KFPS Education Week in July, Jamie was able to see her in action at the Garijp Keuring. It was love at first sight! Prior to leaving the Netherlands, Wolkje was confirmed in foal to Alwin 469. After a long journey she arrived safely at Fenway in October. Wolkje is a beautiful example of a Friesian mare with her strong racial type, long flowing mane and loving personality. She is definitely what dreams are made of!