Fenway Farms


The KFPS does a wonderful job of promoting the Friesian horse and recognizing the best of the best with special predicates when earned. When we purchased Wolkje she had already earned her Kroon Predicate and once she had a foal we agreed to present her for Model Mare. The Model Predicate is a predicate in which demands are made for both superior conformation and performance ability. Only the best mares in the population are eligible for the Model Predicate. Typically a mare is presented for Model the year after she foals so she is more likely to be in top shape vs having just foaled and there isn’t the complication of a foal at her side. Wolkje foaled on May 28th and by May 29th already looked in good shape. As the summer progressed Jamie was able to get her in shape with the help of her “little man” at her side and we decided to present her at the Keuring in September.

It was a gorgeous fall day and we impatiently waited the last class of the day, Wolkje’s category for Premium Judging of Kroon Mare. We all watched ringside, including baby Wijma while she strutted her stuff and was awarded yet another 1st Premie . . . step one complete. She was then called back with the other 1st Premie Ster mare for consideration of Champion of the Day. She looked fabulous and was awarded Champion of the Day and Model Mare! What a day to remember and not soon to be forgotten. Fenway Farms owns a MODEL mare 🙂