Fenway Farms


Nanning X Olof (Lotje)
2006 2nd Premie Ster Mare

1 Friesian Mare + 1 Friesian Approved Stallion = 1 New Fenway Foal. Lotje was due to foal shortly after a recent trip to Europe to visit our youngest daughter who was attending grad school. With the beauty of the city of Vienna, Austria still fresh in our minds, Vienna van Kelnhofer made her appearance on the first of June. She was all legs and had a wonderful disposition like her parents. She earned a 1st Premie and was Championship Filly at the Keuring. We could not have been happier.

She is a true Nanning daughter standing at 16.1 hands and has an unsurpassed willingness to work. She has been trained under saddle and the preliminary basics of driving. Despite being one of the biggest, yet youngest horses on the farm, shes affectionately known as “Little V”