Fenway Farms


In early 2013 we were approached by Friesian friends Beth and Richard Sharp to partner in a potential stallion candidate. Tristan TCF was a handsome Anton son (Anton 343 Sport x Sjaard 320), which made the opportunity even more exciting. Tristan was a part of Sharps breeding program and had been sold in utero. Never presented at a keuring by the original owner, he was finally presented at the age of six. He was awarded Ster Stallion with an outstanding linear score, which included an 8 in the trot! Due to his age, the judges wanted to see him under saddle before deciding if he should be sent onto the 70-day testing, but at that time he did not have enough training to perform an IBOP. His owner was not interested in pursuing that possible advancement and it was at that time that Beth offered to purchase Tristan to give him the chance to be all that he could be. Not really feasible to add a stallion to Sharps herd of mares, we purchased Tristan with the Sharps and moved him to Wisconsin as we had the room and the ability for an expedited training program.

In late June as he stepped off the trailer anyone could see how very special this horse was! He is very much his fathers son with his flowing mane, spectacular movement and easygoing personality. We placed him with Jamies trainer Erinn Chelstrom for extensive dressage training as there was only three months before the keuring.

The keuring was held in early October and Tristan did not disappoint as he and Erinn performed a fantastic IBOP with a score of 82! That was followed by the traditional in-hand presentation and once again he did not disappoint. We thought we had the 70 day testing in our grasp, but a new year with different judges and they did not have the same impression as those in 2012.

Disappointed, absolutely, but we could not have asked for anything more from Tristan. We now have a beautiful and loving Friesian stallion in our midst . . . what more could we need?