Fenway Farms


Sibald X Tsjerk Pref
2006 Ster Gelding

Tiger is our “great opportunity” Friesian. He came to Fenway under joint ownership with the Vanderploeg family who had more young stallions than stalls. If he did not go on to be a stallion candidate he would be all ours.

It always adds an extra dynamic when you add a stallion to the mix, and now we had two! He was actually pretty well behaved, but he was the one horse that never backed down to Nanning. He had a knack for going vertical. He was always standing in his corner feeder so we finally had to bolt his feeder to the floor. At Keuring time we saw a beautiful Ster Stallion, but the 70-day testing was not in his future. He was gelded shortly thereafter.

Now trained under saddle he appears to be the next dressage star for Fenway Farms. His movement exemplifies the changes that the KFPS would like to see in the Friesian breed. He competed in his first dressage competitions in 2010 and had spectators stop dead in their tracks to watch.