Fenway Farms


1993 Tennessee Walker
The Super Natural X Walking Flirt

As it is never a good thing to have a single horse, the search was on for a Tennessee Walker for Scott. He got word of a nearby gentleman who had taken up team roping and no longer had time for his Walker. We went out for a visit and Scott was sold. JD was gentle enough for a beginner rider and had a great personality.

JD’s pedigree goes back to Midnight Sun, one of the foundation stallions in the Tennessee Walker registry. All black except for one white sock, JD was a vision of things to come. He, like Dare is worked to stay in shape as well as occasionally ridden by Jamie. JD and Dare became, and remain, pasture buddies to this day although he has not bought into the “this pile of hay is mine,” concept during the winter months and constantly tries to chase Dare away.