Fenway Farms


The 2011 dressage season has been one of improvement and new challenges for Team Fenway. Tiger made his debut at First Level with solid rides in the ring. He and Jamie continue to get good remarks from the judges, but it is now time for the baby horse’s to grow up… no more easy “long and low” for Tiger. Now onto collection!

Jamie and Tys debuted in 4th level earlier this year, but just now added the double bridle, a first for both. All went well and they even managed to score an 8 on the pirouettes first time out! The next goal is to perfect the line of changes, which he does so well at Fenway, but tends to be a little lazy in front of the judge . . . silly Tys.

Parker just reentered the dressage ring in mid-August due to a nagging injury sustained in January. He turned in nice solid tests as well in First Level…when he wasn’t dodging puddles or a bug or anything else he could imagine. . . Pahkah, Pahkah, Pahkah.