Fenway Farms


2009 Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys

Shelley was always interested in getting a miniature donkey, but never acted on it. While exhibiting at Midwest Horse Fair with the Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association, the Wisconsin Mule and Donkey Society was stalled in the same barn. They had a little spotted jennie only 7 days old and it had been born on Shelley’s birthday. That was the sign that it was meant to be! Scott convinced the owner to sell and Shiloh became Shelley’s Mother’s Day gift that year. With no other donkeys on the farm, we made introductions with different horses, but she preferred Jamie’s horse, Parker. They became the best of friends and Parker took his job very seriously as the protector of “the very small.”

Both Shiloh and Parker needed animals more their own size so we decided to get another jennie. We named her Christian (see story of the donkey’s cross below). The breeder delivered her in the back seat of his pick-up truck!

Shiloh and Christian are now inseparable. They have their own stall with a special miniature donkey door so they can see out with drop down yokes. We may only see the tops of the ears when the pastures are high, but you can certainly hear them!

Most everyone knows that the donkey carries a cross on his back, but they don’t know the legend of the donkey’s cross.

The story is told that the little donkey that had been Jesus’ mount on Palm Sunday, came to the hill of Calvary. Seeing the tragic event occurring there he wished with all his heart he had been able to carry the cross for Jesus as he was the proper one to carry heavy burdens. The donkey turned his back on the sight, but he could not leave because he wished to stay until all was over because of his love for Jesus. In reward for the loyal and humble love of the little donkey the Lord caused the shadow of the cross to fall across his back and left it there for the donkey to carry forevermore as a sign that the love of God, no matter how humble carries a reward for all to see.