Fenway Farms

ROLEX 2011

The ROLEX Kentucky Three-Day Event April 28th – May 1st is one of the premiere events in the Western Hemisphere and boasts the names of many of the best horses and riders from around the world. Each year the event attracts more than 100,000 spectators. The Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA) was asked to be on hand to promote the Friesian horse and has been given the opportunity to demo each day during the event. Jamie was asked to exhibit in dressage with Tys. And with only 20 FPS Approved Stallions in North America a perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty and movement of Anton. Cally Matherly was on hand to capture this once in a lifetime experience for Fenway.

And what an experience it was! FHANA was able to secure a place for the Friesians in the historic “Big Barn” at the Kentucky Horse Park. Each day the four Friesians strutted their stuff to the applause of hundreds of ROLEX spectators. Julio Mendoza performed a PSG Musical Freestyle on his faithful steed, Ivan Sport followed by Ron Steur driving the 2010 Region 1 Driving Horse of the Year, Malte M. Jamie followed with a dressage presentation including Tys latest conquests, the passage and pirouette. And bringing up the finale, was a long lining demo of Anton and Julio (and we have to mention Julio as he was a flashy as Anton :). We cannot thank Julio enough for jumping off Ivan, shedding his shad belly and top hat as he ran down the hill to an awaiting Anton. There he traded his riding boots for a pair of tennis shoes, a quick warm up and it was Antons time to shine. All four horses looked fantastic and most important; there was a new appreciation for the Friesian horse in Kentucky those days. No other demonstration during the 3-day event was as heavily viewed. After each demo all four horses returned to the ring for questions, photos and petting!

In addition to the scheduled demos, each day we also participated in the Parade of Breeds at the park. This was just another opportunity to showcase the breed. The ROLEX management was so happy with our demos and response from the crowds that the Friesian horse has been asked back again for 2012. We could not have asked for a better endorsement!