Fenway Farms

ROLEX 2014

After a short reprieve in 2013, the Fenway team was back at the ROLEX in Lexington, KY to participate in the ever popular Friesian demos. Three days of showcasing everything we know and love about this wonderful breed. Once again Jamie and Tys participated, this time in medieval costume as special ambassadors of the breed. Tristan was to be presented in long lines like his famous father back in 2011, but due to an equipment malfunction he was shown in hand as is the custom at the annual inspections. Others participating were Gerben Steenbeek and his family and their four-in-hand, Linda Strine riding Julie Roche’s mare Inke and Meredith Talley and her faithful steed Laddie. Outrider Barb Renico on her Friesian mare Lena rounded out group.

Fenway Farms would like to thanks Marc DiLeo for presenting Tristan, Erin DiLeo and J.J. Sillman for all the fabulous photos and Cara Luckey for all her help.