Fenway Farms


Reina has always loved our Newfies Charlotte and Beaumont; however 10# vs. 140# creates rather unique play patterns. Imagine if you will, Beaumont standing in the middle of the living room and Reina running laps around him and the furniture at breakneck speed. At best, Beaumont takes a lunging step toward her every few laps, but she could be in the next county by then. And there are the close up playtimes when Beaumont is play growling and Reina is sticking her whole head inside his mouth like a lion tamer.

We decided it might be nice to get Reina a playmate of her own size especially as our Newfies age. Reina’s mom was to be bred again and we decided to put in our wish for a new little sister. Rosalee of Fenway Farms (aka Rosie) was born on December 19, 2012 and made her Fenway debut in late February. At the time of this writing she is 5 months old and 1000% annoying puppy enthusiasm and what a character! She was born with a very dark head and in true Coton de Tulear fashion she is turning more and whiter as the weeks go by.

She and Reina have a great time and Reina has also gotten a glimpse of how annoying she has been in the toy stealing department. Rosie really is not satisfied until the vast majority of toys are pulled out of the basket! When all the running is done and it is time for a break you will find them sleeping together or getting their Newfie kisses from Charlotte. She has been a wonderful addition to the Fenway family..