Fenway Farms

A New Nanning Son for Fenway

Sometimes things really are meant to be. After Nanning’s sudden passing we were able to purchase some frozen semen in the US which in itself was a challenge as there really was not much available. Late in the spring of 2015 we bred our Model Mare Wolkje and were ecstatic when the ultrasound showed an embryo. Our plans with Wolkje are in the dressage arena so as not to disrupt her training going forward, WI Equine flushed the embryo and placed it in Vienna, our 9 year old Nanning mare. Poor Vienna never signed up for these duties, but she completed her tasks admirably. She was sooooo big by the time she finally foaled. On June 13, 2016 a beautiful Nanning colt was born just before midnight to tears of joy. It had been over five years that any Nanning foal was born and he truly was our little miracle with all the variables we threw at him . . . breeding with frozen semen to flushing and placing the embryo and just the miracle of a Friesian pregnancy and healthy birth. We named him Cicero fan Fenway and he is just more than a little spoiled by his group of admirers. Cannot wait to see this young man grow up as early on, he certainly has done his daddy proud.