Fenway Farms


Teunis Pref X Feiste Pref
1996 FPS Approved Stallion

In the fall of 2004 we were approached to partner on the purchase of an Approved Stallion, Nanning 374. When asked what made him special we were told he had a presence like no other Friesian stallion and how right they were! He stood in California for the first two years, but we were not satisfied with occasional visits and we became sole owners in the fall of 2006.

We can still remember him stepping out of the trailer and prancing down the hill to the barn announcing his arrival. He gave us an identity in the Friesian world that we can never repay. We tried to share him with world as best as we could and had hoped for more time with “our boy”, but the Lord had other plans and we were forced to say good-bye in June 2010. He is sadly missed, but will never be forgotten.

To learn more of this exceptional stallion, please visit his website at www.nanning374.com