Fenway Farms

Birth of an Angel

In the spring of 2019 we brought Wolkje down to Equine Medical Services in MO for breeding. Our hope was to get two foals via Embryo Transfer so they could grow up together and hopefully some frozen embryos. But with the uncertainty of equine breeding, we came home with Wolkje and a surrogate Draft Cross named Baloo carrying our Alwin x Jasper foal.

As the April 6th due date approached we were in the throughs of the Covid-19 Pandemic and while living under “Safer at Home” guidelines, the birth of a new foal was a welcome distraction. By April 14th the signs showed it would be soon and we went to bed checking the camera one last time before turning in. An hour later our phones alerted us that it was time. Checking the camera I could see the sac was out, but was still securely holding it’s precious cargo unopened. We raced down to the barn where Scott tore open the sac and our new little girl received the focused attention of Baloo, licking and loving her precious bundle. She was perfect in every way and had legs that seemed to go on forever.

As we waited and watched for the necessary standing and nursing milestones a discussion ensued regard her name. For 2020, the name has to start with an M, N or O. We decided to name her Muriel fan Fenway. Named after the Archangel Muriel who brings peace and harmony to one’s life. In the uncertainty of Covid-19, it seemed fitting.

Baloo is an excellent Mom and our little girl is growing up fast. Disappointed that this year’s inspections have already been cancelled as we are confident she would have made us proud. She is the sweetest little thing and loves people. She is definitely living up to her name by spreading her peace and harmony.