Fenway Farms


The theme for this years Midwest Horse Fair was heritage of the horse and once again Fenway Farms made an appearance as part of the GLFHA demos. Jamie and Tys represented the knights horse with a jousting pas de deux along with Paula Roberts riding Siebren. Wearing special costumes created specifically for Tys by a local seamstress and ex-Disney costume designer they were a sight to be seen! The finale of the demo represented modern times and the exclusiveness of a Friesian Approved Stallion. Anton was presented in long lines by Eric Smith to the roar of the crowd.

The true appeal of the Friesian is not the 10 minute demo, it is the meet and greet� outside of the coliseum and the barn. While everyone got their share of attention and photos the line awaiting Anton seemed to go forever. Both boys were so patient with all the extra attention. People blocked the aisle just to watch Anton get braided at the end of the day! We can only imagine the number of photos that hit Face Book that weekend.

It was a good weekend for showcasing the Friesian horse for FHANA and the GLFHA. With over 50,000 in attendance it was another record year for Midwest Horse Fair. We had a lot of visitors to the barn and Jamie and Tys also participated in a Biomechanic clinic with Colleen Kelly. Needless to say, the days flew by and we hardly had anytime to shop.