Fenway Farms


Gabriele Boiselle is a world-renowned photojournalist from Germany. She has travelled hundred and thousands of miles and in her travels has developed a fondness for Anton, “her most beloved Friesian stallion”. Gabriele first photographed Anton while still in the Netherlands, a first impression she has never forgotten. Upon entering the barn, she saw a little girl on a tricycle, weaving her way in and out of a beautiful black horse’s legs, Anton’s legs. She then captured Anton’s essence in Boston when first imported by Cathy and Terry Zine in 2004. Now in the twilight of his life, she asked for another opportunity to spend some time with Anton.

While not physically here for an extended length of time, Gabriele was able to capture some incredible shots with a small support staff of Jamie, Scott, Shelley and Cathy Zine. The first shoot was at sunset as Anton graced the hills at Fenway. The next morning awarded her the opportunity for a beautiful sunrise mist throughout the “bottom land”at Fenway across the creek. While a little unsettling to let a stallion loose and see him disappear in the mist, he was a really good boy and always made his way back to Jamie. We should have really taken a photo of the other horses standing in awe, watching Anton strut his stuff.

As an extra bonus and a thank you for the help, Gabriele offered to take some photos of one of our other horses and Jamie naturally chose Tys. His wonderful photos are also added to the gallery below.

It was an exhausting 24 hours, but a visit we will never forget. It was a pleasure meeting Gabriele and maybe, just maybe, Anton will once again be chosen for her 2013 Friesian Calendar.