Fenway Farms


Fenway’s true farm critters are Jamie’s border collies, Dilli & Dali. They can be seen near and far in their tireless efforts to keep the farm running smoothly. And at the end of the day, if they still have not had enough, it is not uncommon to see Jamie in the ATV for a high speed chase. The dogs have been clocked in excess of 30 mph! It is not uncommon to find Dali in the 100 gallon water tanks in summer, while Dilli prefers their pool.

Closer to the house and at a much more laid back pace is our two Newfoundlands, Charlotte and Beaumont. Without a doubt, winter, more specifically, snow cover is their favorite time of year and they have been known to spend hours outside dominating a troublesome snow bank. Their little buddies are Reina and Rosie, our Coton de Tulears. At only 10 pounds they are a formidable companion and totally “attached at their hip.” They truly think they are big dogs as well and what better place for a well deserved nap than the underbelly of a big furry Newfie?

And last, but not least, is our Ragdoll cat, Kobie. With all the hawks around the farm, Kobie is strictly an inside cat. She has lived at Fenway her entire life, as her mother was also a Fenway Furry Friend. For Kobie, there is nothing more enticing than the sound of tissue paper or the warmth contained behind the electronic equipment in the living room.