Fenway Farms

A Friese Stabyhoun for Fenway

In the spring of 2017 Scott and I traveled to Friesland where he conquered the Elfstedentoch bike tour with his Dutch friend, Theo Wijma. In the week prior to the ride, Scott and I visited the towns of Friesland during the beautiful May sunshine vs the typical January cold and rain experienced during our stallion show visits. And what a beautiful country it is! One of the “sites” that made quite an impression was the Friese Stabyhoun. The Stabyhoun or Stabij is native to Friesland and one of the top five rarest dogs breeds in the world and seemed to be the perfect fit for Fenway.

Having recently lost our last Newfie, upon returning home we completed the application with the American Stabyhoun Association and began the long wait for a possible Stabij puppy in our future. With less that 200 Stabijs in the country, we knew this would probably be awhile. The Stabij Gods were looking out for us because 8 months later we got the call. Not only were we given the opportunity for a new puppy, but the breeder was located here in WI! Although the breeder selects the puppy that they think is best suited each owner, here again someone was looking out for us as while we would have been delighted with any of the 8 puppies, we got our favorite based on visits we had made to see the puppies.

We named him Dok after our favorite Friese town, Dokkum. He is a great companion and loves his little “sisters” Reina and Rosie. Favorite activities include taking EVERY toy as if his own, face licking Reina & Rosie with a vengeance and constant small dog bed and/or plush toy relocation to be thoroughly held and sucked on until he falls asleep. He excels at human shoulder hugs and cannot start the morning without passing thru your legs until content he has given a proper good morning greeting. Stabyhoun translates into Stand By Me Dog and that is exactly what he does, never far from your side. !