Fenway Farms


Fenway Farms is saddened to announce the loss of our matriarch, Major’s Golden Dare. Dare struggled with Cushings disease in the sunset of her life and was humanely euthanized on December 27, 2012 at the age of 21.

Dare was Shelley’s first horse and gave more than a few little girls their first ride. She is sadly missed by her pasture mate of 10 years, JD. They had one of those love-hate relationships when food was involved, but try and take one away from the other and JD was NOT a happy horse. As soon as the grass turned green Dare had to wear a grazing muzzle out on pasture to control her food intake and she was a master at manipulating that feeding hole to her advantage.

We miss her every day, but we know she now has freedom from the pain and we look forward to seeing her again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again, happy grazing Sweetie..