Fenway Farms


This was the year of learning, growing and advancing for all the dressage horses here at Fenway Farms. While Jamie continued to train with Tys and hon in his skills at PSG and beyond, the focus turned to the younger boys. During the course of the winter/spring of 2014, changes were put on both Rykaard and Tiger for their 3rd level debut. With limited availability for showing, Jamie focused on competing with Rykaard and Parker in 2014. Parker debuted at third level, quickly moved to 4th level and finished the season by competing at PSG and earning Jamie her 4th and final score for her Silver Medal! Rykaard was able to achieve 3 of his 5 scores towards his Sport Predicate. Wish we could have captured some of those exaggerated movements during some of those changes, but it cannot be said Rykaard did not give it his all. 😉

Cara and Tiger continued to train thru the course of the summer and were finally able to show in September. While only one show, Tiger was also able to achieve 3 of his 5 scores for his Sport Predicate which sets up 2015 for another exciting year in dressage.

Tristan remained in training here at Fenway with Jamie and moved back for more advanced training with Erinn Chelstrom in fall. At that time, Wolkje was confirmed in foal and Jamie began under saddle training with her until her growing belly says she has had enough.

Albeit a shortened show season, all the horses made great strides and we congratulate Jamie on her Silver Medal. Her hard work and dedication shows thru everything she does!