Fenway Farms


After long winter months of riding and lessons, the excitement and anticipation of the 2013 dressage season finally began in May. Jamie and Tys qualified at Fourth Level and debuted a wonderful Fourth Level Freestyle. However, the real goal for Tys in 2013 was Prix St. Georges. That dream became a reality in June and what a beautiful pair they were. Jamie shined in her new, navy shadbelly purchased in the Netherlands and Tys as always, was there to please. Despite a soggy warm-up in the pouring rain, they got a qualifying score first time out!

After his surprising success in 2012, Jamie continued to compete with Rykaard, this year at Second Level. Due to his size and special star, most people thought he was a Percheron, but he definitely moved like Breeds. That is not to say he did not have his moments, but only one a Friesian! He finished with a nice, solid season and placed 5th pair of gloves were injured in the making of this season.

J Tiger continued his journey in dressage as well with Fenway friend, Cara Luckey. Cara had lost her mount and started riding Tiger just for fun. It was not long before she decided to resume her dressage lessons and she and Tiger hit the competition ring in early August. They had a very short, albeit successful season qualifying for Regionals and winning All-Breeds at First Level!.

And last, but not least, there is Mr. Parker. He too had a late start, but turned in some very solid rides. Since Jamie was riding both Parker and Rykaard at the same level it was always fun juggling ride times and switching from horse to horse. The biggest challenge for Parker was more the journey to and from the ring, than the test itself, but he did a great job!