Fenway Farms


The 2012 dressage season started with such promise. In the first two shows Jamie and Tys had already received qualifying scores at 4th level for Regionals and had debuted their 4th level musical freestyle with another qualifying score. On the third day of competition, something was amiss with Tys and he was scratched from his remaining tests. The final diagnosis was a strained suspensory tendon. Stall rest for the next 4-6 months and a very slow and controlled comeback.

The summer of 2012 had a different vibe as we prepared for the dedication of the Nanning 374 Monument Dedication Ceremony. We were all very busy and Jamie tried to ride whenever she could. Since Tys was off until next year and Parker was having some issues as well, Jamie decided to give Rykaard a try at dressage and what a surprise he was! Rykaard joined Tiger at the shows for the remaining season. His first tests at Training level seemed effortless and he quickly moved to 1st level and found himself competing against Tiger. You could not find two more different horses than Rykaard and Tiger in style. And even though Tiger had been competing longer, Rykaard actually scored higher on several occasions.

Rykaard has been a pleasant surprise and there have been times when he did not get ridden for several days leading up to a competition and went into the ring and did really well. It is only when he is outside of the ring that you have to watch out for the typical goofy Rykaard as he startles and jumps sideways without any warning!